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Our Story

Over 100 years of combined experience.

Founded in the 1950s, Redmond Hale Simpson has always been committed to providing exceptional legal services in the St George area of Sydney, New South Wales. By ensuring that clients understand every element of a legal issue and listening to their requirements, the firm can help clients make well-informed decisions that ensure exemplary outcomes.


Client-Centric Approach

Offering services in Wills and Estate Planning, Buying and Selling Property and Business, Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Debt Collection and Bankruptcy and Leasing, Redmond Hale Simpson  boasts experienced lawyers with skillsets to understand and fulfil client needs fully. The firm has proudly built its reputation on its legal team and staff, who are the subject of years of positive feedback and clients’ gratitude.
Happy Clients - 4.1 Google Rating

As the law becomes increasingly complex, thanks primarily to the growing presence of technology, that has sometimes been found to be more time-consuming and expensive than helpful, Redmond Hale Simpson remains on hand to offer expert advice and support to its clients. By working with its clients to set clear goals and identify possible risks, the firm can keep up with the changing landscape whilst maintaining affordability and accessibility of services for its clients.  

This is not to suggest that the arrival of technology has been a hindrance to the legal sector, as it has accelerated many of the day to day processes of the legal practice, particularly in light of the outbreak of Covid-19. This has pushed legal firms to embrace technology much faster than they might have previously expected, but the faster attainment of settlements and agreements as well as the convenience and safety of remote meetings has shown the team at Redmond Hale Simpson that the future of the legal sector is bright. 

Regardless of how the sector as a whole may evolve and change, Redmond Hale Simpson’s fundamental principles remain firm. With a team that originates from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, the firm can offer trusted advisors for any legal matter a client may present. Educating is the crucial element of the Redmond Hale Simpson process, listening to the clients and their needs and informing them of the legal contexts and the factors related to their legal issues, allowing clients to make their own, well-informed decisions concerning their assets. The client-centric approach taken by the legal term at Redmond Hale Simpson guarantees exceptional outcomes for every client.

While the legal sector is currently transforming, internally, Redmond Hale Simpson is also continuing its growth. Having moved location in the past twenty-four months, the firm is using its 100 years of combined knowledge and experience to continue evolving. 

100 Years of Combined Experience


Meet Our Lawyers


Dan Simpson

Dan’s fields of practice include conveyancing, Wills and Probate, advice to small business, leasing and Local Court advocacy.

Dan is also a Notary Public.


Michael Sommerville

Michael is the Senior Court Lawyer in the firm. His main areas of practice are Criminal and Traffic Law, Commercial Litigation and Deceased Estate Disputes.


Kyle Sutherland

Kyle is a highly qualified Solicitor, bringing with him strong skills in negotiation with a particular focus on client outcomes.


Marc O'Brien

Marc is a strong negotiator and has appeared in matters before the Supreme Court of NSW, the District Court of New South Wales, the Local Court of New South Wales as well as a number of Tribunals.